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There's an old slang expression from back in the 1930s and 1940s that had something to do with a “cheap suit.” It suggested that something – or someone – lacked  quality, or was not quite authentic.

High Quality at Affordable Prices

Now, there are certainly “cheap suits” on the market that are of inferior quality – but that is not what you'll find here at Clothing Connection Online. We may sell men's suits discounted, but these are the same high-quality, brand-name garments from prestigious names like Vittorio St. Angelo, Canto and Phat Farm, that you would expect to pay several hundred dollars for at a regular retail outlet. The fact is however that the most expensive of our discount men's suits are under $200 – and most of them are far less than that.

For example, suppose you regularly attend ultra “black tie” events. Like Fred Astaire, you're putting on tying up your white tie, putting on your top hat and brushing off your tails. How much would you normally expect to pay for a formal tuxedo with tails? $500? $800? More? At Clothing Connection Online, you can purchase such a three-piece tuxedo from  the high-end Vinci Collection for a mere $145. Looking for sharkskin suits? We have them, brand new, starting out at under $100.

Our line of  discount suits represent some of the top names in the clothing industry, including Vittorio St. Angelo, Canto, Vinci, Phat Farm, Sacari, Cooper & Nelson, and more.

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