CCO Oval Cuff Link - Stunning Diamond Finish

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CCO's Cuff Link with faux diamond's are the easiest way to make your jacket and suit pop a little more, with no effort. The choice of gold, silver, and unique letters lets you complete any look without breaking the bank. 

CCO Oval Initials Cuff Link - Stunning Diamond Finish

(Silver is pictured)

Cuff Link
Faux Diamond Surrounding
Letters in Center
Easy to attatch
Tie Tack

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CCO is proud to bring in the Oval Initials Cuff Link and the finishing touches it brings. Cuff links are the perfect way to bring a look completely together with such a small addition. These cuff links are simple to apply to the jacket and look incredible. The faux diamond look with your choice of letter in the middle is bound to bring attention from everyone around! There's a limited supply so be sure to order fast!

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This item will ship same day if ordered by 1pm EST otherwise it will ship on the next business day. Your selection will ship exactly as pictured. Check out the advantages for shopping with an A rated BBB Gold Star Recipient. Low Prices & Great Customer Service. 

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