Vittorio St. Angelo 2 Piece Long Sleeve Walking Suits

It's the final markdown clearance on all of our Vittorio St. Angelo 2 piece long sleeve walking suits. Going on during our Deals of the Week you can choose from 6 different styles, priced at just $49.97 each! These casual outfits are great for comfort and versatility of wear. All Vittorio St. Angelo walking suits comes in quality 100% polyester fabric and include wide leg pants lined to the knee. Five styles feature a 5 button long sleeve shirt, while the other features a zippered long sleeve jacket.


Wear the long sleeve walking suit by itself and you'll have a great outfit for around the house, those little league baseball games, or casual dinner parties with your friends. For added comfort and warmth during those colder nights, pair one of our Silversilk sweaters on top of the long sleeve shirt and you'll be good to go. For a totally different look, match the wide leg pants with one of our dress shirt and tie sets paired with an outerwear coat for a date night out on the town.


Classic Walking Suits

D06 2 D11 2 D14 2


High Fashion Walking Suits

D07 2 D12 2 D13 2


Vittorio St. Angelo Walking Suits just $49.97!



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