1. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 4: The TV Fold

    I'm not really sure exactly why this square is called the TV fold. Certainly, it is a popular fold among certain TV personalities. The name could also be a reflection of the shape of the folded square, which is essentially like the shape of an old-fashioned CRT television. While this fold is superficially similar to the Presidential, in that you end up with a rectangle showing, the TV fold has a smooth fold at the top, rather than the loose edges of the Presidential. It is a fold that personifies restrained strength, and it is very simple to accomplish. Continue reading →
  2. Folding a Pocket Square--Part 2: The Triangle Fold

    While the Presidential Fold has a simple elegance to it, sometimes a man wants to add a bit more pizzazz to his look. One step up in complexity is the Triangle, or One-Point fold. A little fancier in appearance without being too much more elaborate in execution, this is a good choice for a night out, a visit to a house of worship, or any occasion where you want to put on just a little more style. Here's how you do it:   [caption id="attachment_262" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 1) open out the pocket square[/caption] Continue reading →

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