Men Cashmere Coats

  1. The Difference Between Wool and Cashmere

    Many of our customers have expressed curiosity about the difference between wool and cashmere. You may have heard that cashmere is a type of wool, but this is not exactly the case. Wool is a fiber obtained from sheep, while cashmere comes from the soft undercoat of a type of goat. Cashmere goats naturally shed this overcoat in the spring...
  2. Men's Coats for Every Occasion

    Our new line of Cashmere feel coats by Loriano will appeal to the most discriminating tastes. Elegant and soft, handsome and stately....yet at a price that won't break the bank. (But don't worry, your secret is safe with us). Shop Now Shopping Tip: When purchasing a coat, order your normal suit size. Coats are sized to fit over a suit...

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