What's your favorite Frank Sinatra song? We can't limit it to just one – Old “Blue Eyes” recorded so many great sides during a career that spanned six decades, it would be impossible to pick just one – but nobody can argue that Sinatra was the virtual “King of Cool,” not a small part of which was the signature narrow-brim fedora he was often photographed wearing. This same signature style is captured in our line of Stacy Adams hats. Stacy Adams hats are truly stylish and at prices from as little as $15 to just under $30, quite affordable.

Stacy Adams Fedora

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There's more than just fedoras in our signature line of mens hats. One of our most popular Stacy Adams hats are the “Ascot” style caps. Ascot caps. Also known as “Cuffley” or “Lippinott” caps, these stylish hats have been popular since late Victorian times, and hold their shape very nicely. Our wool ascot caps are just the thing for fall and winter, while our straw ones will keep you comfortable and in style when spring and summer comes around. Another popular Stacy Adams hat is our “Godfather style” hat. We call them that because the late Marlon Brando wore a hat like this in the 1972 film The Godfather, but it's actually called a “homburg.” It's a nice formal style of headgear that originated in Germany in the late 1800s and was very popular among political leaders and heads of state (Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman were often seen wearing them). The Stacy Adams Godfather is just the thing to wear with one of our three-piece suits or even a tuxedo for formal affairs. Jazz musicians, such as the late bassist Charles Mingus, often favor the classic porkpie hat. Of course, you don't have to be musically inclined in order to look great in it. The porkpie is one Stacy Adams hat that goes with almost anything from business suits to casual Hawaiian-style shirts and jeans (in fact, you may have seen actor David Zayas wearing one in his role on the popular TV show Dexter). Whatever your taste in hats, you'll find a great selection at CCO – at prices that won't break your bank account. Sign up today for the Executive Club and take an additional 10% off the price on any hat we have in stock!