What is commonly thought of as the “men's suit” has its origins back to the 1600s. By the mid-19th Century, these suits were a sign of high fashion for middle-class respectability, conservatism and even conformity. While this is all well and good for the 9 to 5 crowd, when it's time to clock out and spend an evening on the town, today's man seeks a fashionable statement to set them apart for other reasons. Men's fashion suits offer just that. When you want a way to break out of the mold and make a bold statement while still maintaining the sharp good looks of a trim and stylish suit, then look no further than the many options in modern fashion suits.  At CCO we pride ourselves on a selection of men's fashion suits from leading tailors such as Canto's, Vittorio St. Angelo and Royal Diamond. Today's well-dressed man can now make a fashion statement without breaking the bank.

Men's Fashion Suits

Just what is it that makes men's fashion suits unique? A number of things, including dazzling color, unique trims and even unusual cuts and styling. Some of it is retro, such as the Canto Seersucker suit, with bold and slimming stripes recalling college wear of the Jazz Age – or the two-piece Zoot Suit, recalling a style that was so popular in the 1940s that it literally caused a riot. For those looking for something really different (and best of all, dispensing with the need for that neck-constricting tie), consider the eye-catching Military Style Urban Jacket with epaulets from Canto. This is a heavy, sharp-looking tunic with a high collar, recalling the classic officers' uniforms of the early 20th Century. Like the high collar look without tie but want a more civilian style? Check out the nehru-style jacket from Canto.

Not ready for the bold and contemporary? Looking for something more traditional? You’ll be pleased to know we have the perfect suit selection for you too! Our manufacturers have handsome three-piece and double-breasted suits, which offer timeless looks that are at once classic and contemporary, available in both solids and pinstripes.

Aside from the fact that we currently carry almost 90 different men's fashion suits from which to choose, the best part is that your price starts at under $80 – and are highest-priced suits are less than $200. These are high-quality suits for which you would pay as much as $500 or more in a typical retail store - and when you join the CCO Club (only $19.99 a year), you can take off an additional ten percent!