Have you ever wondered, “Just what is an “urban suit?” It depends on who you ask. At one time, urban suits were the formal togas worn by patricians, scholars and politicians back in ancient Greece and Rome. In Shakespeare's time, urban suits for men consisted of short pantaloons and colorful hose with frilly collars – and wouldn't be considered complete without a buckler, rapier and dagger. One style in urban mens' suits that we at Clothing Connection Online find timeless is the zoot suit. This style originated among Los Angeles' Latino community in the late 1930s and grew in popularity throughout the 1940s and early 1950s, gradually spreading into the mainstream culture. Zoot suits traditionally have coats with wide, padded shoulders and wide lapels, and are much longer than traditional dress jackets. The trousers are loose and taper to a snug fit around the cuff. Put on one of these and you're ready for a night on the town doing the Lindy with your lady to the swingin' sounds of Harry James and Benny Goodman! Urban Suit COO Zoot suits are not the only style of urban suits we have at CCO. In fact, urban suits for men can be any type of suit appropriate for the office or a night on the town. They're sharp, but less formal than say, a tuxedo. Often, urban men's suits will have some distinctive trim or other details that make them unique, such as trim around the lapels and/or pockets, done in a contrasting color or fabric – such as our line of fashion denim suits from Canto.   These snazzy outfits feature trim in satin, leather, and velvet for a truly unique look. While you're at it, check out the selection of urban suits in various styles from Vinci and Vittorio St. Angelo. Regular prices start out at under $70, and the price tag on our most expensive suits is under $200 – but you can save even more by taking advantage of one of our many regular current sales! Save even more when you sign up for the CCO Executive Club. It's less than $15 a year and entitles members to an additional 10% discount on everything in our inventory, including sales and clearance items! And, if you plan on buying in quantity, consider membership in the CCO Wholesaler's Club – which triples your discount, whether you buy one suit or a hundred!