If you are in the market for a new suit - whether it be fashion or executive, formal or casual, slim or Big and Tall, or anything in between - Vinci is the go to label for fashion and function. Vinci makes a wide variety of men's suits and tuxedos (as well as jackets and outerwear) that can meet any taste or budget. Proms, weddings, religious events, date nights, and family functions can all be enhanced with the right Vinci suit.


For supreme style and bold color combinations, you can count on the Vinci fashion suit collection to make a statement. Fashion suits are popular due to their longer than standard length jackets, and sometimes daring designs. Vinci's fashion line includes rich seasonal colors and beautiful fabrics that are fit for a king.


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This label also makes some of the most popular slim fit suits in the business. You can turn on any newer TV show or movie, or check out the most recent awards shows to see that slim fit suits are all the rage in Hollywood and in the music world. Characterized by their slightly shorter than standard length jackets and tapered design, Vinci slim fit suits are perfect for your semi-formal event.


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Vinci is also well known for its seasonal seersucker suits, made for style and comfort using cool spring/summer materials. These suits are available in traditional striped colors, such as beige and black, and beautiful seasonal pastels, such as lavender, peach, and baby blue. Perfect for Easter Sunday or a beach wedding, seersucker suits are best sellers this time of year.


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Vinci is also known for its beautiful craftsmanship of tuxedos, outerwear, blazers, and sport coats. As always, you can contact our knowledgeable and friendly Customer Service staff with any product questions you may have. We are here to assist you Monday through Friday 9am-6pm Eastern Time. Or email us anytime! We'd love to hear from you.